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July 3, 2012
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Together - After The Bullies by littlegirlinsmalwrld Together - After The Bullies by littlegirlinsmalwrld
Little Liet & Doralys after their bullying.
Poor boys.... :'(
(This was the first time I drew them with 'semi-dark' theme,
also the first time I drew a Dora-cat with that theme....).

If you forget or never see them before:
"We Are Friends - Dear Doralys" ([link])

It reflect my story about Liet & Doralys (basically 'the country & his people'). In this story, all countries were little children in Grade 4.
Let me begin it!

Russia had a study club (referred to the Soviet) in which the children who join this club would study together, teach & learn by each other. But, this club had a 'nasty secret': a bullying (something like, insisting the other child to do your homework), & that's happened to Liet.

One day, after school, the study club's members gathered again. Russia told the others, "Well, we will have Liet to do our homework....", but that's not easy as he said. Liet said, "That's a bad idea. You better to do it yourself." & another reasons that explains he didn't want to do that. Then, Russia said to him & the others, "Okay, let's move to the backyard, da."

The school's backyard was usually crowded with children playing but unfortunately, there's nobody on that time. Liet was not a boy that easily surrender, he tried to fight the other children that carried him along but he failed. So, they arrived on the backyard & Russia said, "Still stubborn, Little Liet?". Liet frowned, didn't answer, as if he knew his answer would be useless. "Stripped him & 'kill' him~", said Russia to the others, eerily. Then that was happened, with Liet still tried to resist. Well, the children never actually kill....they just kicked, punched, beat Liet in terrible way & the peak was when the one child brought a stick or a ruler to slap him on his back. Oh my....

In the middle of it, came a loud voice broke the silence. "Just stay away from him!!"

Russia & his comrades were speechless.
That's Doralys, the Tosca-green cat, Liet's 'brother'.

"Ohh, so this cute little guy want to be a hero?", Russia had big grin on his face. Of course, he knew that Doralys has a special power (like the others Dora-cat) so he already prepared, in such an unexpected way. Just in time, there's another boys behind Doralys, grabbed him on his collar & his hands. "Oh no!!", Liet & Doralys now both were screaming. "Do to this kitty the same as him!", said Russia. The school's backyard filled with terrifying scene.

"Ahahahahahah~!!", Russia & his comrades laughed as if they were winning a battle while left Doralys lied facing ground helplessly. Seems to be, they treated him worst then Liet. Yes, they did.

Being hurt, Liet tried to stand up, approached his best-friend.
Liet: "Doralys!" *his tears began to burst* "Forgive me, you should not involved like this.... I'm sorry...."
Doralys: *tried to move his head, smiled at Liet* "Why you said 'sorry', Liet? You never need to say it. I come for you to defend you, that's my job."
Liet: *speechless for a second* "....are you alright? I'm so worried."
Doralys: *gave Liet a big smile* "Yes, Liet! Don't worry about me!"
Liet: *finally smiled, with tears ran down his face* "Thank you, Doralys!" *then hugged Doralys*
Doralys: *hugged back* "You are always welcome, Liet."

*that's the end of the story*

(Oh, meanwhile, Poland & Dorasław just passed by after their afternoon sightseeing....)
Dorasław: "Do you know what are they doing right now, Poland?"
Poland: "Hmm, I totally have no idea."
(Just an intermezzo to ease the tension....)

I hope the message from the story could be 'caught':
That's about a friendship. Then, country & his people not the same but they need each other. In this case, Doralys is reflecting 'a loyal people' who ready to suffering along with his country. Liet is the country that appreciate his people dedication. There's also: every time the country is suffering, the people will suffering more....only the people who love his country can accept it well.
(I hope this make a sense....)

(I portrayed the Soviets as the other children here, I hope that's acceptable.)

Lithuania from "Axis Powers: Hetalia" by Mr. Hidekaz Himaruya.
Doralys by me, based on "The Doraemons" by Mr. Fujiko F. Fujio.
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AkasunaSasorispuppet Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
You really have some interesting ways of portraying what you want in your drawings. I like that the cat was supposed to represent the people of Lithuania. It's kind of really sweet.^^ Too often, the real people hurt by events get forgotten in Hetalia fanwork, and I think it's important to remember them as much as the countries that were hurt.
littlegirlinsmalwrld Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
thanks so much! :D
the idea of Doralys (the cat) character was based on my favorite story "Doraemon", at first I don't think that he can be a representation of the people XD but I want him to be anyway..

yes, you're right, the people maybe forgotten (or maybe their representation being 'combined' with their countries?) well, I don't really know.. the people always being a victim (in such awful event, for example: war)& they had got worst suffering than the country ... :')
AkasunaSasorispuppet Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
That is really really adorable.^^

Exactly, and it's important to remember them.^^
littlegirlinsmalwrld Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
thank you again dear, :D

yes, & make me think to do a picture about this to with the others =P maybe Poland or Germany?
AkasunaSasorispuppet Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
Aww... That would be cute.^^ You know what would be nice? A Poland one... I know after they were invaded by Germany in World War Two, they A) Never officially surrendered and b) had one of the largest resistance groups. I could be wrong, but the source I got this from seemed to have done their research quite well.^^
littlegirlinsmalwrld Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
waww, Poland is great~ :D
I will try to make his version then..
thanks for the suggestion! ;)
AkasunaSasorispuppet Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
No problem at all.^^
littlegirlinsmalwrld Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
yeay~ :D
whitebunny1063 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
I've feel really bad for Toris already
littlegirlinsmalwrld Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
ohh why? XD
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